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The Haven at Cowal Games

Dunoon churches are repeating “The Haven” café at the Cowal Highland Gathering on the 26th and 27th August 2016.  The café tent on the hill in the stadium has run each year since 2012 to offer a covered, family-friendly seating area at the gathering.  This year, once again, the café offers covered seating with tables, a play space with games and some simple children’s activities and fair trade refreshments.  All the proceeds from the café are being donated to the Cowal Hospice.  The event is mainly funded by local churches.

The local churches are keen to provide practical help at the gathering, and to benefit local charities at the same time.  People can again come into “The Haven” to rest a while during the Gathering, and to shelter from excessive sunshine or torrential rain.  The space also lets the general public meet the local churches in a friendly and, hopefully, helpful way.  Information and displays on local churches and Christian activities will be on display in the tent for anyone who might be interested.  It is intended that all churches in the area will have information here.

It is hoped that the café will be staffed by people from several churches in the town. Holy Trinity Scottish Episcopal Church are coordinating the project.

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