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Weddings & Blessings

Celebrating a relationshipweb_rings

Asking for God’s blessing on a newly joined couple is a wonderful way to give thanks and to celebrate a new beginning.

You do not have to be a member of the church to come and have a conversation with us about your wedding plans.

The law in Scotland allows men and women to be married in Scottish Episcopal Churches. Please see further down this page for information on blessing of Civil Marriage and Civil Partnership.

A Church Wedding at Holy Trinity

Getting married in church often seems like the “right thing to do”, asking for God’s blessing on a marriage is part of the rich Christian tradition of this country. Every year at Holy Trinity we are delighted to carry out marriages for a range of couples, from local church members all the way to those whose desire is simply to be married in a beautiful setting in Dunoon.

Weddings in Holy Trinity are tailored to the wishes and situation of the couple who are getting married. For example, if you are parents, there may well be creative ways of involving the children on the big day. You should expect to have a significant involvement in planning the service, including choosing music, prayers, readings and which vows are used.

Blessing Civil Marriages and Partnerships

Where a couple prefer to have a civil ceremony, we would be delighted to offer a Service of Blessing for the relationship.  This applies equally to men and women entering into a Civil Marriage, or two people of the same gender entering into a Civil Marriage or Civil Partnership.

Asking for God’s blessing on your relationship is a wonderful way to celebrate the hopes and aspirations that you have as a couple and sharing this with your family and friends. As with a marriage ceremony, there is a great deal of flexibility and freedom to choose the style and the content of your service, such as music, prayers, renewals of vows.

Your first step: contact us

Please contact us to discuss what may be possible.


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