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Sunday 6 September 2015

Could you please include the following in HT’s spot this week?

Sometimes the troubles of the world can seem overwhelming, especially now that communication is so immediate, and we often feel powerless in the face of such human suffering as we see on our screens or read in our newspapers. Along with those of so many folk, our Christian community’s thoughts and prayers are very much focussed on people in need. The plight of refugees has been brought sharply into perspective by the media in the last couple of weeks. As well as prayers and vigils, people are looking for practical ways to help. In his address, Andrew suggested ways to do this: lobbying and signing petitions, donating money to charities working with the refugees such as Save the Children, sending clothes, backpacks, sleeping bags etc. to Argyll Relief for Refugees or other collection points. Closer to home, this has been Suicide Prevention week and a service has been held at the High Kirk, with Aileen and Andrew offering a space for reflection and prayer to any who have been affected by suicide or suicidal thoughts. A quiet space is something our churches can offer, and a stroll up to the wee church on the hill, not just on a Sunday morning, but at any time, is perhaps something to consider when life gets in the way of living.

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