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10 June 2024 – Prayer walk through Dunoon

A GROUP of Christians from four Cowal churches united for a special prayer walk through Dunoon this week.

The dedicated worshippers began their walk on Monday morning which took them on a tour of Dunoon, where they prayed for various aspects of the town and the wider Cowal region.

The group began their journey at Dunoon Grammar School, where they offered prayers for the schools, teachers, young people, and children in the area.

Their next stop was the local hospital, where they prayed for the ill, medical staff, and carers. At the Police Station, prayers were said for emergency services, civic authorities, local leaders, and service providers.

As they continued their walk along Argyll Street, the group paused at the Argyll Street Surgery to pray for the elderly and their caregivers. Outside the Burgh Hall, they offered prayers for local businesses, those employed, and the unemployed. The group then focused on the churches in the area while stopping at Dunoon Baptist Church.

In Argyll Gardens, the participants expressed gratitude for the natural beauty surrounding them and prayed for the responsible stewardship of creation. The final stop was the Boat House, where they prayed for the local area, before heading inside for a warm coffee.

Printed 14 June 2024

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