Sunday 8 November – Remembrance

Holy Trinity marks remembrance month


HOLY TRINITY Church on Kilbride Road last week began its month of remembrance. However, for the church and its members the month isn’t all about remembering fallen soldiers and those affected by war.


The beginning of November also marks All Saints and All Souls Day for followers of the Christian faith. All Saints Day is an opportunity to remember saints and martyrs throughout Christian history, while All Souls Day is a chance to remember the faithful departed and those who are in Purgatory.
Then on Sunday, churchgoers joined people everywhere remembering and giving thanks for those killed in active service and those currently serving their country.
Reverend David Railton led a service on remembrance Sunday (November 8) based on the two promises that were made 100 years ago at the end of the great war, to remember fallen soldiers and to never let it happen again.
He continued by saying: “There are four things worth remembering as we think war is an inevitable fact of life. Firstly, every life is precious. God loves every person and gave His life for each of us.
“Secondly, we should believe in peace. God is working to bring about peace on earth, as it is in heaven – that is our job, too.
“Thirdly, we are part of the problem and part of our broken world.
Everyone has a role to play in spreading love and peace and not hate and division.
“Fourthly, the instruction we have been given is ‘do not be afraid’, God is with us. There is an alternative to war and we must work towards it.”
Holy Trinity Church continues to run their services as a mixture of worship online and worship in the church.
Everyone is welcome to join the services, for further details have a look at the website www. or contact the rector on 01369 702444

Printed 13 November 2020