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2019 – Easter Experience at DGS


A LOCAL team of church members from a variety of churches in Dunoon brought the Easter Experience to Dunoon Grammar School on Monday April 15.

There were four stations set up to represent different experiences during Easter. The stations were Remember, Sharing Sorrows, Hopes And Dreams and Alone.

A key part of our school vision statement is to keep our school at the heart of the community and this is demonstrated very clearly with the Easter Experience as the local church team comes into our school.

The Easter and Christmas experiences we run at Dunoon Grammar School allow the students to learn through a large range of media, and they offer the possibility of connecting aspects of religious, moral and philosophical studies with other subjects like English and Drama.

One of the leaders from Church of Scotland, Paul Beautyman, said: “I always enjoy the questions the young people bring up. I also enjoy the kids meeting and getting to know the local Christians.” “It’s an all round great experience for everyone.”

We asked the students what they thought of the experience as well and we got lots of positive feedback.

Some of it included: “It is a great opportunity to learn”; “It’s very interesting. I really enjoyed it”; “It’s so fun, my favourite station was the Alone station”; “I love how interactive it is”; “It’s so engaging and educational. I learned so much.”

Local Minister at The Dunoon Baptist Church, Allan said, “I love the opportunity to be here. “It’s so amazing to be able to really work with the young people of Dunoon.”

Local youth workers for EXP, Connor, Kayleigh and Sue, said: “I really enjoy helping people learn more about Easter”; “I love helping the young people to understand that Easter is more than just chocolate eggs”; “I feel as though it’s a great hands on approach to teach the Easter story. It allows for the young people to engage with the story as much as they are willing to.”

The Easter experience is a huge success and will continue to run for many years to come as part of the religious, moral and philosophical studies and educational activities in the school which links to the local community.

Iona Sargeant, S4

Printed 19 April 2019

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